Some tips here for the construction of your pages on your website. These will help achieve good Google rank for your website.

+Title Tags
Hover over the tab in your browser bar – Google loves this but don’t go over 70 characters.
+Meta Description
The description found in your Google entry – 155 characters here.
+Meta Keywords
Opinion is, these are not important but some search engines will use – might as well get everything right.
+Image Optimisation - Alt Tags
Describes the Image and adds authority to the page.
+H1 Header
Keep it relevant to the subject and include your target keyword.
+Keyword in Subdomain Name
+Page Content
Lots of content about the subject – 300+ words is good.
+Page’s PageRank
Googles own ranking system for the page – becoming less important.
+Inbound links
Will give your pages a massive boost – make sure they are relevant and not spam.